DIY Valentines Day Lacing Cards: A Sweet Surprise for Kids

valentines day lacing cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I am excited to share a wonderful craft activity that will bring joy to your little ones – DIY Valentine’s Day lacing cards! These adorable cards, also known as sewing cards or threading cards, are not only fun but also provide a great opportunity for preschoolers to engage in a hands-on activity that promotes fine motor skills and creativity.

As a parent, you want to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your kids, and what better way to do that than by creating personalized lacing cards that they can treasure? You don’t have to worry about complicated materials or techniques – with printable templates and easily available supplies, this project is perfect for both home and homeschooling activities.

By creating these lacing cards, you can surprise your children with a sweet and thoughtful gift that they will cherish. So let’s dive into the world of DIY Valentine’s Day cards and discover how to make this craft activity an unforgettable experience for your little ones!

Supplies & Materials Needed

To create your own Valentine’s Day lacing cards, you will need a few supplies and materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies Materials
Scissors Cardstock or regular copy paper
Hole puncher Laminating sheets (optional)
Yarn or laces Printer
Tape Coloring materials (crayons, markers, etc.)
Printable templates

These supplies and materials are easily accessible and can be found in most homes or purchased at a local store. The printable templates can be downloaded online, ensuring you have a variety of designs to choose from for your Valentine’s Day lacing cards.

By gathering these materials, you’ll have everything you need to create fun and engaging crafts that your kids will love.

How To Download & Print Your Cards

Downloading and printing your Valentine’s Day lacing cards is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps to create the perfect cards for your kids:

  1. Enter your email address to receive a 2-page PDF file with colorful printable sewing cards.
  2. Open the PDF file on your computer and make sure you have a printer connected.
  3. Adjust the printing settings to ensure that nothing gets cut off. Select the desired paper size and orientation (landscape or portrait).
  4. If you want your cards to be durable, it is recommended to print them on cardstock and laminate them. However, if you plan to use them only once, regular copy paper or cardstock will suffice.
  5. Click the print button and wait for your cards to be printed.
  6. Once printed, you can cut out the cards along the designated lines to separate them.

By following these simple steps, you can create sturdy and reusable Valentine’s Day lacing cards that will provide hours of fun for your kids.

Valentine's Day Lacing Cards

Additional Tips for Printing:

  • Make sure your printer has enough ink and paper before starting the printing process.
  • If the cards appear too small or large when printed, check the scaling options in the print settings and adjust accordingly.
  • For best results, use a high-quality printer and select the highest print resolution available.
Printing Materials Tips
Cardstock Provides durability and longevity for the cards.
Lamination Protects the cards from wear and tear, making them reusable.
Copy Paper Suitable for one-time use or if you don’t have cardstock readily available.

How To Sew The Paper Heart Purse

Sewing the paper heart purse is a fun and creative way to enhance your Valentine’s Day lacing cards. Follow these simple steps to create a charming accessory that your kids will love:

Gather the Materials:

  • Paper heart template
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn or string
  • Plastic sewing needle (optional)

Start by cutting out the paper heart template. You can find various heart shapes online or create your own. Once you have the heart shape, use a hole puncher to make evenly spaced holes around the edges of the heart. These holes will serve as guide points for threading the yarn or string.

If you prefer, you can use a plastic sewing needle to make it easier for your child to sew the purse. Thread the yarn or string through the needle, or simply tie one end of the yarn to create a blunt tip for easier threading.

Sew the Heart:

  1. Choose a starting point on the heart and thread the yarn through one of the holes. Leave a tail of about 2 inches.
  2. Guide the yarn through the holes, following the heart’s edge. Encourage your child to create their own pattern, such as crisscrossing the yarn or making straight stitches.
  3. Continue sewing until you reach the starting point again. Make a knot to secure the yarn, leaving another 2-inch tail.

Once the heart is sewn, gently curve it to create a pouch shape. You can now use the paper heart purse to store small treasures or as a decorative piece. Your child will be proud of their sewing skills and the adorable accessory they have created!

Benefits of Sewing the Paper Heart Purse
1. Enhances fine motor skills
2. Develops hand-eye coordination
3. Encourages creativity and imagination
4. Builds patience and focus
5. Fosters a sense of accomplishment

Other Valentine’s Day Lacing Ideas

Looking for more creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with lacing activities? In addition to the printable Valentine’s Day lacing cards, there are various other options you can explore. Whether you’re looking for different designs, materials, or themes, the possibilities are endless.

An alternative to DIY lacing cards is to purchase wooden heart lacing sets. These sets, available for purchase online or in craft stores, make excellent gifts for Valentine’s Day. They come with pre-cut wooden shapes and laces, providing an engaging and durable lacing experience for kids of all ages.

If you prefer to create your own lacing cards, you can easily do so using simple materials like cardboard and yarn. Cut out shapes like animals, flowers, or themed objects, and punch holes around the edges. Then, let your child thread colorful yarn through the holes to create their unique lacing cards.

Additionally, you can find a wide range of lacing card templates and designs online. From hearts and flowers to animals and favorite characters, there is something for everyone. Simply print the templates, follow the instructions, and let your child’s imagination soar as they create personalized lacing cards.

Table: Comparison of Valentine’s Day Lacing Ideas

Lacing Idea Materials Age Range Durability
Printable Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards Paper/Cardstock Preschool+ Varies (dependent on material)
Wooden Heart Lacing Sets Wood, Laces All Ages Durable
DIY Lacing Cards Cardboard, Yarn Preschool+ Varies (dependent on material)
Online Templates Paper/Cardstock Preschool+ Varies (dependent on material)

As you can see from the table above, each lacing idea has its own unique qualities. The printable Valentine’s Day lacing cards offer convenience and customization, while the wooden sets provide durability and versatility. DIY lacing cards allow for creativity and personalization, and online templates offer a wide range of designs to choose from. Consider your child’s interests and age when deciding which lacing idea to explore, and enjoy the process of creating memorable Valentine’s Day crafts together.

Benefits of Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards

Valentine’s Day lacing cards offer a range of benefits for kids, making them an excellent choice for preschool Valentine’s Day activities. These engaging crafts not only provide a fun and creative outlet but also contribute to the development of important skills. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: Threading laces through the holes of the cards helps children refine their fine motor skills. The precise hand-eye coordination required for this activity strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers, enhancing their dexterity.
  2. Cognitive Development: Engaging in lacing card activities promotes cognitive development in children. As they plan and execute the threading process, they exercise problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.
  3. Imagination and Creativity: Valentine’s Day lacing cards provide a canvas for children to express their creativity and imagination. They can choose their colors, patterns, and designs, resulting in personalized cards that reflect their unique style.
  4. Focus and Concentration: Threading the laces through the cards requires focus and concentration, helping children develop essential skills for academic success. This activity encourages them to stay engaged and complete tasks with patience and attention to detail.
  5. Emotional Expression: Valentine’s Day lacing cards offer an opportunity for children to express their emotions through a creative outlet. They can create cards for loved ones, expressing their feelings and strengthening their emotional bonds.

These benefits make Valentine’s Day lacing cards an ideal choice for both classroom and home settings. Whether used as a quiet solo activity or incorporated into a group setting, these crafts provide a range of advantages that contribute to children’s overall development.

So, this Valentine’s Day, introduce your little ones to the joys of lacing cards and watch them delight in the process of creating beautiful and meaningful crafts.

Valentine's Day Lacing Card


“My daughter absolutely loves the Valentine’s Day lacing cards! Not only are they a fun and creative activity, but they also help her develop important skills like fine motor control. Plus, the personalized cards make for the perfect gift for family and friends. Highly recommend!” – Emma, parent


DIY Valentine’s Day lacing cards are a delightful craft activity for kids that promote creativity, fine motor skills, and imaginative play. By engaging in this hands-on project, children can experience the joy of creating personalized cards and develop important skills that will benefit them in various aspects of life. Whether you choose to use the printable templates or explore other lacing card options, the process of threading laces and yarns through the cards is sure to captivate your child’s attention and provide hours of fun-filled learning.

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are an excellent way to celebrate the holiday and express love and affection. Heart lacing cards, in particular, add a special touch to the festivities. These cards not only provide entertainment but also offer educational benefits by improving hand-eye coordination, concentration, and patience.

So gather your supplies, download the templates, and embark on a heartwarming journey of crafting with your little ones this Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose to create the paper heart purse or explore other lacing card designs, the memories you make and the skills they develop will be cherished for years to come. Let your child’s creativity shine and enjoy the process of making meaningful DIY Valentine’s Day cards together!

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