Add Sparkle to Your Celebration with Glitter Champagne Bottles

glitter champagne bottles

Glitter champagne bottles are an enchanting addition to any celebration, bringing a touch of glamour and sparkle to your special moments. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception, or a festive New Year’s Eve gathering, these glittery favors are sure to dazzle your guests and create a memorable atmosphere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Glitter champagne bottles are a stunning way to elevate your celebrations and add a touch of glamour.
  • Prepare the bottles by cleaning them thoroughly and removing any oils or dirt.
  • Spray paint the bottles with a solid color background, such as gold, to create a captivating base.
  • Coat the bottles with Mod Podge and sprinkle glitter onto them, using multiple colors for a gradient effect.
  • Seal the glittered areas with a clear acrylic spray to prevent any glitter fallout.
  • Add printable labels to personalize the bottles and make them truly unique.
  • Glitter champagne bottles make beautiful decor and delightful favors for any celebration, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles: Create Your Own Dazzling Decor

Let your creativity shine with DIY glitter champagne bottles, allowing you to craft dazzling decorations that will impress your guests and make your celebration truly unforgettable.

To get started, gather your supplies. You will need champagne bottles, glitter in your desired colors, spray paint in a solid color (such as gold), Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and a clear acrylic sealer. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the champagne bottles, removing any oils and dirt to ensure a smooth surface for the glitter to adhere to.

Once the bottles are clean and dry, it’s time to add some sparkle! Spray paint the bottles with a solid color background, allowing the paint to fully dry before moving on to the next step. Next, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the bottle, working in sections. As you go, sprinkle the glitter onto the Mod Podge, creating a layer of shimmering beauty. For a truly eye-catching effect, consider using multiple colors of glitter to create a gradient look.

After you’ve applied the glitter, allow the Mod Podge to dry completely. To ensure the glitter stays in place, spray the glittered areas with a clear acrylic sealer. This will prevent any glitter fallout and keep your beautiful creation intact. For an added touch of personalization, consider adding printable labels to your glitter champagne bottles, featuring the names of the happy couple or a special message for your guests.

These DIY glitter champagne bottles are not only a fun craft project, but they also make stunning decor and unique favors for any celebration. Whether you’re hosting a glamorous party, a chic wedding, or ringing in the New Year, these glittery beauties are sure to add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your event. So, let your creativity shine and create your own dazzling decorations with DIY glitter champagne bottles.


Can I use regular glitter for the champagne bottles?

It is recommended to use extra fine or ultra-fine glitter for a smoother and more even application. Regular glitter may result in a chunkier texture.

How do I clean the champagne bottle before applying glitter?

To clean the bottle, wash it with warm soapy water and remove any labels or adhesive residue. Dry it thoroughly before starting the glittering process.

Can I use any type of spray paint for the background color?

Yes, you can use any spray paint in a solid color that matches your desired theme. Metallic shades like gold or silver are popular choices for glitter champagne bottles.

How long does Mod Podge take to dry?

Mod Podge typically takes around 1-2 hours to dry, but it is recommended to let it cure for at least 24 hours for a strong and durable finish.

How do I prevent glitter fallout on the bottle?

After applying the glitter, spray the glittered areas with a clear acrylic sealer. This will help seal the glitter in place and prevent it from flaking off.

Can I personalize the glitter champagne bottles with labels?

Absolutely! You can create printable labels with names, messages, or event details to personalize the glitter champagne bottles for your celebration.

Can I reuse the glitter champagne bottles?

While the glitter and decorations may be difficult to remove completely, you can certainly repurpose the bottles as decorative items or vases for future events.

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