Plan Your Glamping Party with Sparkling Juice Printable

glamping party sparkling juice printable

If you’re looking to host a unique and fun outdoor celebration, a glamping party with sparkling juice printables is the perfect choice. Glamping, a combination of glamorous and camping, offers a boho chic experience that is perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes, and other special occasions.

With the use of a giant tent and picnic setup, you can create your own glamping experience in your very own backyard. The tent is large enough to accommodate 8 twin mattresses, and with the right decorations, you can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The picnic area is the perfect spot for enjoying food, drinks, and conversation. With sparkling grape juice as the beverage of choice, you can add a touch of elegance to your glamping party. With the help of a printable juice label, you can create a customized and memorable party experience for your guests.

Key Takeaways:

  • A glamping party with sparkling juice printables is a unique and fun outdoor celebration idea.
  • Glamping combines glamour and camping, creating a boho chic experience.
  • A giant tent and picnic setup in your backyard can recreate the glamping experience.
  • Sparkling grape juice adds elegance to the party, and printable juice labels add a personal touch.
  • Glamping parties are perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes, and other special occasions.

Glamping Party Ideas and Decorations

When planning a glamping party, there are plenty of ideas and decorations to consider. From the tent to the picnic area, every detail should contribute to the boho chic atmosphere. Here are some glamping party ideas and decorations to help you create a magical and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Decorating the Tent

The tent is the centerpiece of your glamping party, so it’s important to make it look beautiful and inviting. Start by decorating the entrance with a balloon garland in soft pastel colors. Inside the tent, place cozy rugs and blankets to create a comfortable seating area. You can also hang fairy lights and lanterns from the ceiling to add a warm and magical glow. Don’t forget to add some bohemian-inspired decor, such as dreamcatchers, macrame wall hangings, and potted plants.

Creating a Cozy Picnic Area

The picnic area is where your guests will gather to enjoy food, drinks, and conversation. Set up a low wooden table with cushions and blankets for seating. Use a draped fabric runner in a soft, pastel color as a tablecloth. Add some rustic charm with mason jars filled with wildflowers and candles in vintage lanterns. Don’t forget to provide mosquito repellent and cozy blankets to keep your guests comfortable throughout the evening.

Adding Boho Touches

To fully embrace the boho chic theme, incorporate bohemian touches throughout your glamping party. Hang a floral garland or tapestry as a backdrop for the food table. Use natural materials like raffia, wicker, and jute to create place mats and napkin rings. Set the table with mismatched vintage plates, colorful glassware, and gold flatware. Finally, create a cozy corner with floor pillows, poufs, and a low table where guests can gather for intimate conversations.

glamping party ideas

With these glamping party ideas and decorations, you can create a boho chic atmosphere that will transport your guests to a magical outdoor oasis. Remember to incorporate natural elements, soft lighting, and cozy seating areas to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a bridal shower, or a girls’ night out, a glamping party is the perfect way to celebrate in style.

Glamping Party Games and Favors

When it comes to hosting a glamping party, keeping the guests entertained is key. Luckily, there are plenty of fun games and unique party favors that can enhance the overall experience. Let’s take a look at some popular glamping party games and thoughtful party favors.

Glamorous Games

One of the best ways to keep everyone engaged is by planning exciting glamping party games. A scavenger hunt can be a thrilling activity for guests of all ages. Create a list of items they need to find around the campsite, ensuring they explore their surroundings while having fun. DIY crafts are also a hit at glamping parties. Set up a crafting station where guests can decorate their own dreamcatchers or make personalized friendship bracelets.

Storytelling by the campfire is a classic activity that brings people together. Prepare some ghost stories or encourage guests to share their own camping experiences. Lastly, stargazing is a peaceful and enchanting way to end the night. Provide blankets and cozy seating, and let everyone marvel at the beauty of the night sky.

Unique Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending and to create lasting memories of the glamping party. Consider personalized water bottles that guests can use throughout the night and take home as a memento. Custom-made camping patches are another thoughtful favor that guests can attach to their camping gear. For a touch of whimsy, mini lantern keychains can be given out.

Guests can use them as keychains or hang them in their tents as a reminder of the glamping adventure. Mini succulents make for unique and eco-friendly party favors. They are low-maintenance plants that can brighten up any space. These party favors will make your glamping party even more special and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

With the right combination of games and party favors, your glamping party will be an unforgettable experience. Make sure to tailor the games to suit your guests’ preferences and age group, and select party favors that reflect the glamping theme. Remember, the goal is to create a fun and memorable atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

Glamping Party Games Glamping Party Favors
Scavenger Hunt Personalized Water Bottles
DIY Crafts Custom-made Camping Patches
Storytelling by the Campfire Mini Lantern Keychains
Stargazing Mini Succulents

glamping party games and favors

Glamping Party Invitations and Printables

When planning a glamping party, it’s essential to set the right tone from the very beginning with personalized invitations that reflect the boho chic theme. Creating unique glamping party invitations adds a special touch and gets guests excited for the upcoming celebration. Include all the necessary details such as the date, time, location, and any special instructions or requests. Make sure to use fonts and colors that match the overall aesthetic of the party to create a cohesive look.

glamping party invitations

To enhance the overall aesthetic of your glamping party, consider utilizing printables. Glamping party printables are a simple and effective way to add custom touches to your event. These printables can include labels for the sparkling juice, signage for different areas of the party, and even themed games or activities. You can easily customize and print these printables at home, saving time and money while adding a personal touch to your glamping party.

By incorporating glamping party printables, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. Use signage to direct guests to various areas of the party, such as the tent or picnic area. You can also create themed games or activities that tie into the glamping theme, adding an extra element of fun for your guests. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt or a DIY craft station, these printables will keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout the party.

DIY Glamping Party Supplies

When it comes to planning a glamping party, one of the best ways to add a personal and creative touch is by incorporating DIY glamping party supplies. Not only will this allow you to showcase your creativity, but it will also add a sense of uniqueness to your event. From handmade decorations to repurposed thrift store finds, the possibilities are endless.

One fun DIY idea is to create your own handmade dreamcatchers. These beautiful and bohemian-inspired decorations can be made using feathers, beads, and embroidery hoops. Hang them around the party area or place them inside the tent for a whimsical touch. Another DIY project to consider is personalized mason jar lanterns. Simply paint the jars, add some fairy lights or candles, and hang them from trees or place them on tables for a magical glow.

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your glamping party’s tablescape, DIY bohemian-style banners can do the trick. Use colorful fabrics, ribbons, and twine to create unique banners that can be draped across the picnic area or hung inside the tent. These banners will add a festive and boho touch to your party. Finally, don’t forget to check out local thrift stores or flea markets for unique and eclectic items that fit the glamping theme. From vintage lanterns to rustic furniture, these one-of-a-kind finds will add an extra layer of charm to your event.

“DIY glamping party supplies give you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to your event. From handmade dreamcatchers to repurposed thrift store finds, there are endless possibilities to make your glamping party truly unique.” – Glamping Party Enthusiast

DIY Glamping Party Supplies Materials Needed
Handmade dreamcatchers Feathers, beads, embroidery hoops
Personalized mason jar lanterns Mason jars, paint, fairy lights or candles
DIY bohemian-style banners Colorful fabrics, ribbons, twine
Thrift store or flea market finds Vintage lanterns, rustic furniture

By incorporating DIY glamping party supplies, you can create a truly unique and memorable event. Whether it’s handcrafted decorations or repurposed thrift store finds, these personal touches will add charm and character to your glamping party. So unleash your creativity and let your DIY skills shine as you create an unforgettable glamping experience for you and your guests.

DIY glamping party supplies


In conclusion, hosting a glamping party with sparkling juice printables is a wonderful way to create a memorable and unique outdoor celebration. By focusing on boho chic decorations, personalized invitations, and DIY party supplies, you can create a magical atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

With the use of sparkling grape juice as the beverage of choice, you can add a touch of elegance to your glamping party. The printable juice labels allow for customization and personalization, making the party experience even more special.

Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette, or any other special occasion, a glamping party is sure to be a hit. So gather your friends, set up the tent, and enjoy a night of glamping under the stars. With the right glamping party supplies and a little creativity, your party will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

So why wait? Start planning your glamping party today and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Can I host a glamping party in my own backyard?

Yes, with the use of a giant tent and a picnic setup, you can create your own glamping experience right in your backyard.

How many people can the giant tent accommodate?

The giant tent is large enough to accommodate 8 twin mattresses, making it a perfect space for a group celebration.

What decorations should I use to create a boho chic atmosphere?

You can use beautiful balloon garlands, textured rugs, bohemian baskets, plants, candles, lanterns, and fringe to add a touch of boho charm to your glamping party.

What should I include in the picnic area?

In the picnic area, you can set up a large area rug, pillows, a low wooden table, a draped pink fabric runner, floral arrangements, candles, woven raffia fans as placemats, and pink dinner plates, goblets, bamboo utensils, and gold and white striped napkins for each guest.

What activities can I plan for entertainment?

Some popular glamping party games include scavenger hunts, DIY crafts, storytelling by the campfire, and stargazing. These activities can be tailored to suit the age group of your guests.

What kind of party favors can I provide for my guests?

You can consider personalized water bottles, custom-made camping patches, mini lantern keychains, or even mini succulents as unique and memorable party favors.

How can I create personalized glamping party invitations?

You can create unique and personalized glamping party invitations that reflect the boho chic theme by including details such as the date, time, location, and any special instructions or requests.

What are glamping party printables?

Glamping party printables are labels, signage, and themed games or activities that can be easily customized and printed at home to enhance the overall aesthetic of your glamping party.

Can I make my own glamping party supplies?

Yes, you can showcase your creativity and personal touch by creating your own decorations such as handmade dreamcatchers, personalized mason jar lanterns, or DIY bohemian-style banners for your glamping party.

What is the benefit of using sparkling juice as the beverage of choice?

Sparkling grape juice adds a touch of elegance to your glamping party, making it feel more special and sophisticated.

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