19 Sets Of Patio Furniture with Fire Pits For Cozy Outdoor Seating Solutions

Outdoor living spaces have become extensions of the indoor environment, providing a seamless transition to nature while retaining the comfort of the home. Patio furniture plays a pivotal role in crafting these serene outdoor havens, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional comfort. A fire pit, as an integral component of patio furniture sets, adds a unique element of warmth and ambiance. Patio furniture with an incorporated fire pit brings people together, encouraging conversation and relaxation. The flickering flames can elevate a simple gathering into a memorable evening under the stars.

When considering patio furniture with a fire pit, material and design take precedence. It’s crucial to select furniture that can withstand the elements, which typically includes options like aluminum, wrought iron, or weather-resistant wicker. The fire pit itself should have a heat-resistant basin, be it made from metal, stone, or ceramic. Aesthetics should not be the only factor; safety is paramount when dealing with open flames. Therefore, a set that comes with protective screens or is designed to keep the fire contained and at a safe distance from furniture and guests is essential.

In making a purchase, it’s important to assess the size and layout of your patio space. A fire pit requires clearances around it for safety, and furniture needs to be strategically placed to facilitate easy conversation without being too close to the heat source. The type of fuel is another consideration—propane, natural gas, and wood-burning options each offer different experiences and require distinct kinds of maintenance. We have taken the time to examine various patio furniture sets with fire pits, focusing on their durability, design, safety features, and the overall value they bring to outdoor living spaces.

Our diligent research and analysis aim to aid you in finding a patio furniture set with a fire pit that not only complements your outdoor space but also enhances your enjoyment of it, whether it’s for intimate family dinners or larger social gatherings.

Top Patio Furniture Sets with Fire Pits

We’ve spent hours researching to bring you the very best patio furniture sets that come complete with fire pits. Our selection enhances your outdoor living spaces with comfort, style, and the cozy warmth of a flickering flame. Each set on our list stands out for its quality materials, durability, and design that cater to varied preferences and space considerations. Whether you’re planning to entertain guests or simply enjoy quiet evenings outdoors, our top picks are sure to elevate any patio setting.

Gaildon 7PC Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

Our recent experience with this patio set suggests it’s a solid purchase for those seeking style and functionality combined.


  • Comfortable seating with washable cushion covers
  • Versatile setup with sectional pieces that can be rearranged
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to water-resistant rattan and a tempered glass table


  • Assembly can be somewhat challenging initially
  • Glass table and rubber bumpers may have fit issues in some cases
  • Limited reviews might give potential buyers pause

Gathering with friends around the fire pit has been delightful. The warmth from the fire pit table, complemented by the plush cushions, creates a welcoming environment even on cooler evenings. The set’s grey hues and neat handwoven rattan add a touch of elegance to our backyard décor.

Over the past week of sporadic rain, the water-resistant PE rattan has proven itself. It resisted the moisture well, and the cushions dried impressively fast once the sun peeked out. Maintenance is straightforward, and spills on the cushions are easily dealt with by removing the covers for a quick wash.

We’ve enjoyed the freedom to reposition the sectional sofas to fit various social gatherings and spaces. The clamps provided help keep the configurations secure, which is a small but significant detail that enhances the set’s overall functionality.

All in all, our experience with the Gaildon 7PC Patio Set leaves us quite satisfied. It strikes a balance between comfort, versatility, and resilience, despite the minor assembly hiccups and table fit concerns which were manageable setbacks rather than deal-breakers.

Delnavik Swivel Sofa & Fire Pit Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

Our team recommends this patio set for its comfort and multipurpose design that enhances outdoor gatherings.


  • Multipurpose fire pit table serves as both a cozy heat source and an outdoor dining table
  • Swivel rocking chairs provide comfort with a full 360-degree rotation and gentle rocking motion
  • High-quality, machine-washable cushion covers with non-slip designs increase durability and ease of maintenance


  • Assembly may be challenging for some and can be time-consuming
  • Size may require a larger patio space for proper fit and display
  • Price point can be a consideration for those on a tighter budget

After evenings spent lounging on the Delnavik patio set, we’ve grown fond of the gentle embrace of the cushions and the convenience of the swivel rocking chairs. The chairs are a delight, whether indulging in a quiet read or turning to join the laughter around the fire pit.

The multipurpose fire pit table has been an alluring centerpiece. On cooler nights, the auto-ignition fire pit becomes the heart of our patio, drawing everyone in with its warmth. Switching it off reveals a spacious tabletop, perfect for dining al fresco.

We appreciate the set’s thoughtful design, including the easy-to-clean cushion covers. This perk alone has saved us considerable time, proving the Delnavik set isn’t just visually appealing—it’s built with real-world practicality in mind.

Rattaner Peacock Blue Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this Rattaner patio set with a propane fire pit strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality for memorable outdoor gatherings.


  • Robust construction with weather-resistant materials
  • Comfortable seating with thick, anti-slip cushions
  • Easy to reconfigure for different outdoor occasions


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Propane tank not included with fire pit
  • Requires extra caution and maintenance in extreme weather

As we enjoyed our evening lounging on the Rattaner patio set, the deep seating chairs provided exceptional comfort, with cushions thick enough to lose ourselves in relaxation. The anti-slip fabric ensured everything stayed in place, even as we shifted around to test different seating positions. The peacock blue cushions added a vivid splash of color to our patio, contrasting beautifully against the black wicker and woodgrain marble tile of the fire pit.

Gathering around the fire pit, we appreciated its substantial 60,000 BTU output, keeping us warm and cozy as dusk settled into night. The steel construction exuded durability, and the blue crystal beads added a magical touch, sparkling beneath the flames. When not in use, the fire pit conveniently doubled as a table, making it a versatile centerpiece for our outdoor space.

In terms of care, the set is relatively low-maintenance. A simple wipe-down with a dry cloth was enough to keep it looking fresh. However, we swiftly realized extra care would be necessary when the weather turned foul. Keeping the elegant furniture in tip-top shape meant utilizing the included waterproof covers to shield against rain and intense sunlight.

In summation, the Rattaner outdoor furniture set with fire pit was a welcome upgrade to our terrace. While assembly was a bit of a project, once completed, the allure of this setup made the effort entirely worthwhile. It elegantly transformed our outdoor living space into a luxurious nook ideal for both peaceful relaxation and vibrant social gatherings.

Sophia & William Patio Ensemble

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

If you’re aiming for a blend of comfort and functionality in outdoor furniture, this set is a worthy contender.


  • Unmatched comfort with 5.75-inch thick cushions and high weight capacity seating
  • The 2-in-1 fire pit table elevates convenience, doubling as a heat source and an elegant table
  • Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric


  • Assembly may require some time and effort
  • Weight capacity limit may not accommodate all kinds of gatherings
  • Costs might be on the higher end compared to standard patio sets without fire pits

After recently outfitting our patio with the Sophia & William patio furniture set, the uplift in ambiance and comfort was palpable. Its luxurious cushions veer on the plush side, which meant we could lounge for hours without a hint of discomfort. Indeed, the set’s resilience shone through from the get-go — the cushions maintained their shape flawlessly, even after multiple weekend gatherings.

The fire pit table served as both a stunning centerpiece and a multifunctional gem. On cool evenings, it provided a warm, inviting atmosphere, which quickly became the focal point of our outdoor space. When not in use as a fire pit, the included lid transformed it into a stylish table, perfect for brunches or casual coffee sessions. This versatility means you always have a table at the ready without needing extra storage space.

However, assembling the set was no small feat. It took a considerable chunk of our afternoon before we could admire the full picture. And the price tag, while justifiable by the sheer comfort and utility, may stretch budgets. Yet, our experience has brought us to the conclusion that this set is an investment in both style and function, a luxurious addition that will serve us well through countless seasons.

Lviden Patio Ensemble

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We think the Lviden Patio Ensemble is a great pick for those seeking comfort and style in their outdoor space, especially if your evenings often turn cool.


  • Durable build with weather-resistant materials
  • Plush cushions with non-slip feature enhance comfort
  • Integrated fire pit table adds warmth and doubles as a coffee table


  • Assembly may be challenging for some
  • Cushion color may differ slightly from photos
  • Fire pit requires a propane tank, not included

After spending a weekend lounging on the Lviden Patio Ensemble, we noticed the high-quality PE wicker and robust steel frame right away. Despite the weather’s mood-swings, from blazing afternoons to drizzling evenings, the set stood its ground, looking as chic as ever.

The anti-slip cushion design is a thoughtful touch. We could sit back without any annoying slips or adjustments. The extra height of the sofa feet is a detail you don’t appreciate until you experience it – no more stooping down to sit or stand up.

The real gem, though, is the CSA approved fire pit table. It’s easy to fire up and generates ample heat, making it perfect for extending our outdoor time and stargazing on cooler nights. And when it’s not in use, the cover transforms it into a stylish coffee table for our drinks and snacks.

The only hiccup we faced was during assembly. It’s doable, but having an extra pair of hands speeds up the process. The color of the cushions, while stunning, seemed to have a variance from what was shown online, which is worth keeping in mind. And make sure to purchase a propane tank if you’re eager to use the fire pit immediately, as it’s sold separately.

MEOOEM Patio Dining Elegance

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this set is a great choice for those who value durability mixed with style for comfortable outdoor dining experiences.


  • Resistant to weather, perfect for long-term outdoor use
  • Accommodates up to six people, ideal for family gatherings
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions


  • Chairs might feel a bit bulky when stacking
  • Table size might be too large for small patios
  • Umbrella not included despite having hole for one

During last weekend’s BBQ, we found the MEOOEM Patio Dining Set added a touch of class to our patio. The black finish pairs seamlessly with any outdoor motif, effectively elevating the overall ambiance. Assembly didn’t take much time; the instructions were straightforward, a relief compared to past experiences.

Comfort is not an issue with these chairs – they supported a relaxing evening under the stars. The table proved spacious, easily accommodating our family feast. Its surface was easy to clean after our merrymaking: a quick wipe kept it looking new.

The sturdy build gave us confidence in its ability to withstand various weather conditions. Although storage may require a bit more space due to the chair design, the stackable feature does help. And while we missed having an umbrella included, finding a suitable match didn’t take long. Overall, this set has been a reliable addition to our outdoor space.

PHI VILLA Patio Dining Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We think this PHI VILLA Patio Dining Set is a worthy investment for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor dining experience thanks to its durability and comfort.


  • Ample space for six people to dine comfortably
  • Chairs offer 360-degree swivel and gentle rocking motion
  • E-coated metal for rust resistance and longevity


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Chairs may retain water, leading to a damp seating experience
  • May require additional screws for satisfactory assembly

After a few evenings spent entertaining friends around this stately patio ensemble, we’ve found that the ample table space easily accommodates dinner for six. The e-coating on the metal effectively wards off rust, ensuring the longevity of our investment. Rocking gently in the swivel chairs has become our favorite way to wind down after a delicious outdoor meal.

The chairs, which are touted for their all-weather durability, have padded seats that add a level of comfort not often found in outdoor furniture. This proved true – even after a lengthy sit-down, we felt none of the usual discomfort that comes from lesser quality patio seats.

While we thoroughly enjoy the finished product, getting there was a bit of a project. The assembly, while straightforward, took several hours and a bit of elbow grease. One evening, after an unexpected shower, we noticed the padding on the chairs doesn’t dry as quickly as we’d like, which is something to consider if you’re planning to use them around a pool area. Customers might also want to have some extra screws on hand, as we found the ones provided were a tad too short, requiring a quick trip to the hardware store.

In essence, if we weigh the pros and cons, the PHI VILLA Patio Dining Set is a solid choice, particularly for those who value leisurely comfort and a dining set that will endure season after season.

WAROOM Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this WAROOM Patio Set is a valuable addition to any outdoor space, merging comfort and warmth with its stylish design and a functional fire pit.


  • Sturdy construction ensures years of relaxation and gatherings
  • Modular design provides flexibility in setup and suits a variety of outdoor spaces
  • The fire pit’s dual function as a table and heater adds a cozy ambiance to evenings


  • Assembly can be cumbersome with numerous pieces and tight spots
  • The delivery might arrive in separate shipments, requiring patience and coordination
  • Propane tank not included, which is necessary for fire pit function

Relaxing on this patio furniture, we could tell that the thick, non-slip cushions are designed for extended lounging, providing both support and comfort. The straightforward maintenance of the cushion covers, which are both water repellent and easy to wash, is a huge plus for outdoor living.

The setup offers a high degree of flexibility, with various pieces that we easily rearranged to fit our patio’s layout. It’s an ideal choice for those who enjoy changing their outdoor scenery or hosting different types of gatherings.

We found the fire pit to be the focal point of the set. On cooler evenings, it radiates generous warmth with a significant heat output. Not to mention, its sleek design seamlessly transitions from a heating source to a table once the fire is out and the lid is on.

The WAROOM Patio Set with Fire Pit combines durability, versatility, and comfort. It’s ideal for those looking to invest in their outdoor space for long-term enjoyment, despite some patience required during assembly and awaiting all deliveries.

Navy Blue Rattaner Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

Our outdoor gatherings have been transformed with this Rattaner patio set, making it an excellent choice for those seeking durability and comfort paired with a fire pit feature.


  • Hard-wearing, weather-resistant HDPE wicker and steel frame ensure long-term use
  • Plush, thick cushions provide exceptional comfort and are secured with anti-slip materials
  • Versatile layout possibilities suit a range of outdoor spaces and décor preferences


  • Assembly can be time-consuming; patience is needed to sort pieces and follow instructions
  • The total weight of the set could make rearranging a two-person job
  • Maintenance requires proactive care, including using waterproof covers to protect against severe weather

Lounge comfortably in our backyard, the deep seating and high backrest of the chairs encouraging hours of relaxation. Our Rattaner set’s crisp navy blue cushions brighten the space, and we’ve received compliments on the chic, peacock blue color infusing vibrant life into our patio decor. The included waterproof covers have been indispensable, keeping our investment pristine against the onslaught of outdoor elements.

Entertaining has been a breeze, and the centerpiece fire pit adds an inviting ambience. The blue crystal beads elegantly complement the flames, providing both warmth and a stunning visual for evening socials. With ample seating configurations, our gatherings have ranged from intimate family nights to larger social events with ease.

Last weekend, we savored the practicality of this set. Despite a burst of inclement weather, our furniture remained unscathed, the waterproof covers living up to their promise. Selecting this patio set has proven to be a wise decision, as it maintains its allure and function without demanding excessive upkeep, making our leisure time truly leisurely.

Aoxun Patio Conversation Set with Fire Table

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We recommend this Aoxun Patio Furniture Set for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space with a versatile, stylish, and comfortable seating arrangement complete with a warm fire pit.


  • Versatile sectional design allows for various configurations
  • Includes a fire pit table that doubles as a coffee table, enhancing the ambiance
  • Easy-to-clean materials with machine-washable cushion covers


  • Assembly can be time-consuming and may require two people
  • The low height of the seats might not be suitable for everyone
  • The fire pit’s ignition system may be fragile and needs careful handling

This Aoxun Patio Furniture Set instantly transformed our patio into a cozy retreat. Arranging the sectional pieces was a breeze, allowing us to create the perfect layout for our space. The wicker design pairs elegance with durability, standing up to various weather conditions without showing signs of wear.

The fire pit has been the highlight of many evenings, radiating a comfortable warmth and serving as a stunning focal point during gatherings. The wind guard ensures flames remain steady, allowing for uninterrupted use even on breezy nights.

Cleaning was less of a chore than expected. The cushion covers could be stripped off and thrown into the wash, coming out as good as new. Spills on the tempered glass of the coffee table wiped away without leaving a trace. Having experienced this set firsthand, we can confidently say it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space.

Grezone 7-Piece Wicker Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this Grezone patio set with a fire pit is a worthy addition to your outdoor space, providing comfort and functionality for those enjoyable evenings outside.


  • Complete set provides versatility for seating arrangements
  • The fire pit table’s warmth and ambiance enhance outdoor gatherings
  • Weather-resistant materials promise durability through varying seasons


  • May require patience during assembly, as some customers reported misaligned holes
  • The backrest height might not be comfortable for everyone
  • Delivery can be problematic, with separate arrivals for different boxes

We recently had the pleasure of gathering around our new Grezone patio furniture as dusk settled in. Set against the darkening sky, the gentle flicker of the fire pit table brought a cozy atmosphere to our evening. The ample seating options catered to our group perfectly, each one of us finding a spot that felt tailor-made for the moment.

The furniture itself, comprised of a sturdy steel frame overlaid with hand-woven wicker, withstood the changing temperatures of the day with no hint of wear. Cushions provided the kind of deep comfort you’d hope for in an outdoor set, and the bonus of being water-resistant made unexpected showers a non-issue.

Assembly was a topic of conversation among us. While it wasn’t the most straightforward experience, the result was well worth the effort. A couple of mismatched holes were an irritant, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome with a bit of ingenuity. Once assembled, the furniture felt solid, reassuring us of its longevity.

Sitting there, feeling the warmth from the fire pit table, we stayed outdoors longer than usual, indulging in conversations that might have been cut short if not for the inviting ambiance this set provided. It’s an investment that has already started to pay off in quality time.

Dineli Outdoor Sofa Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We think this Dineli patio set is a solid pick if you’re craving the comfort of indoor furniture alongside the warmth of an outdoor fire pit.


  • Offers flexible layout options to suit any patio space
  • Comes with a fire pit table that doubles as a coffee table
  • Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials


  • Does not include a propane tank for the fire pit
  • Cushions may require frequent cleaning
  • Assembly is required, which might be a drawback for some

Gathering friends and family around this Dineli set felt like a breeze, thanks to its modular design that let us arrange the sections to our liking. The choice was handy, especially when we tried a few different setups before settling on the perfect configuration for our patio evening.

The fire pit quickly became the highlight of the evening. Its gas-powered flames eliminated the hassle of dealing with wood or coal, making it safe and easy to enjoy. We noticed the warmth was just right and fostered an ideal setting for heartfelt conversations under the stars.

While lounging, we observed that the cushions provide a plush seating experience, supporting hours of comfort. However, we were reminded that outdoor furniture can attract dirt and leaves, so the easily removable and washable cushion covers were a practical feature. After the evening wound down, we covered the fire pit with the provided lid, transforming it into a full coffee table where we rested our drinks and snacks.

Furnimy Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We think you’ll love the Furnimy Patio Set for its comfort and stylish design, perfect for those long summer evenings with friends and family.


  • Spacious and comfortable seating with plush cushions
  • Durable construction, with PE rattan and a strong steel frame
  • Easy maintenance due to washable cushion covers


  • Assembly can be time-consuming and complex
  • Some parts may lack proper labeling, which can be confusing
  • The set may be smaller than it appears in pictures, which could be an issue for some

After spending the afternoon lounging on the Furnimy Patio Set, the first thing I noticed was how the soft sponge padded cushions really enhance comfort. It felt luxurious to sink into the sofa and prop my feet up by the fire pit table. This set has become a favorite spot for us to unwind after a long day. Its suitability for various outdoor spaces is a definite plus, providing a charming ambiance for garden or poolside settings.

Durability is key with outdoor furniture, and this set didn’t disappoint. The PE rattan held up well against the elements, and the steel frame provided a stable base for the furniture. Even after several uses, the structure didn’t show any signs of weakening. The machine-washable cushion covers made it convenient for us to clean up after a night of toasting marshmallows and sharing stories around the fire pit.

Putting the set together took several hours, which wasn’t a small task. Instructions were clear enough, but the lack of labels on some parts made it a bit of a puzzle. Additionally, keep in mind that despite the cozy setup, this set may appear more generous in size in photos than it actually is. It’s just the right size for intimate gatherings, but if you’re planning to host larger groups, you might want to consider this point.

In summary, the Furnimy Patio Set with Fire Pit is a compelling choice for those looking for a combination of comfort and style in their outdoor space. It’s built to last and easy to keep clean, offering a chic addition to any backyard soirée.

LayinSun 5-Piece Patio Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We found the LayinSun 5-Piece Patio Set to be a compelling option for its all-weather durability and the cozy warmth of its fire pit.


  • All-weather resistant aluminum frames ensure longevity.
  • Comfort is enhanced with the 5-inch thick, cushy Olefin fabric.
  • The 55,000 BTU fire pit table provides ample warmth without any smoke or ash.


  • The cushions are not fastened, which might require frequent adjustments.
  • Aluminum frames, while weather-resistant, may be too lightweight for some preferences.
  • Assembly is required, which could be a minor inconvenience.

Our recent gatherings have seen a significant upgrade thanks to the LayinSun Patio Set. With its black, powder-coated aluminum frames that are both water and rust-resistant, it’s a visually appealing addition that stands up to the elements year-round.

The comfort provided by the upgrade to Olefin fabric for the cushions is noticeable; days spent lounging by the fire pit are now even more relaxing. These cushions are plump and provide excellent support — a true testament to the set’s quality.

The fire pit is the star of the show, easily igniting to a potent 55,000 BTU. It’s perfect for those chill evenings where warmth and ambiance are equally desired. The fact that it operates on propane fuel is a huge plus, eliminating any concerns about ash or smoke.

However, the lightweight construction, while making the furniture easy to move, may not suit all weather conditions, especially in windy environments. Also, although the cushions are plush and comfortable, they tend to slide around since they are not attached to the frames, which can be a slight nuisance.

Assembly was straightforward. Though it takes some time to put all the pieces together, we found everything fit perfectly, and the effort was worthwhile as soon as we settled in for a cozy evening around the fire pit.

In conclusion, this LayinSun Patio Set strikes a balance between functional design and comfort. It’s a robust option for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space with a touch of warmth and modern design.

Delnavik Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this patio set is a great investment for those seeking comfort and durability, along with the ambiance that a fire pit brings.


  • Comfort is top-notch, thanks to the extra thick cushions.
  • The metal frame is robust, enhancing the set’s longevity.
  • Auto-ignition feature of the fire pit ensures ease of use.


  • Assembly might be time-consuming for some.
  • Cushions may require regular maintenance to keep clean.
  • The size might be too large for smaller patios.

Having recently enjoyed an evening gathering around the new Delnavik Patio Set, I can personally attest to the comfort of the plush seating. The cushions are just as thick and inviting as advertised. The powder-coated metal frame proved resistant to the evening dew, giving me peace of mind about its ability to withstand various weather conditions.

The fire pit became the focal point as night fell, its flames casting a warm glow on all our faces. The auto-ignition system worked flawlessly, a convenient feature that allowed the evening to transition smoothly from dinner to relaxed conversation without fumbling for lighters or matches.

Whilst putting the set together initially required a bit of patience, the comprehensive tool kit provided and the straightforward instructions facilitated the process. Once assembled, the look of the navy blue upholstery combined with the sleekness of the metal frame made for an appealing aesthetic that drew compliments from my guests.

In conclusion, the Delnavik Patio Set with Fire Pit offers a balance of style and functionality. It becomes an inviting center of gravity for any outdoor area, helping to craft a cozy and sociable atmosphere.

WAROOM 5 Piece Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We find this patio set with a fire pit table to be a valuable addition to any outdoor living space, providing both comfort and warmth.


  • Cozy and sturdy with high-quality materials
  • Cushions provide superior comfort, removable for easy washing
  • The fire pit table generates substantial warmth and has adjustable flame control


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Requires purchase of a separate propane tank
  • May not suit all space sizings due to the bulkiness

Relaxing on the plush cushions that come with this WAROOM 5 Piece Patio Set elevates comfort significantly. The 4″ thick high resilience sponge is a joy to sink into, and the fact that we can remove the covers easily for cleaning is incredibly practical, especially after those long nights spent under the stars.

Gathering around the fire pit table becomes the highlight of our evenings. Its heat output is impressive, making even chilly nights enjoyable. The convenience of flame modulation lets us create the perfect ambience without any hassle. Not having to worry about sparks or embers makes the experience feel safer, and the CSA certification adds to our peace of mind.

Despite the exceptional upside, one must not overlook the time required for assembly. We had to allocate a good amount of time to put it together correctly since it comes in several pieces. Also, remember to factor in the cost and effort of procuring a 20 lbs propane tank, as it’s not included with the set. For those with smaller patios, its size might be a bit imposing, so we recommend measuring your area beforehand to ensure a good fit.

Kullavik Patio Set

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this Kullavik Patio Set will redefine your outdoor relaxation with its versatile design and cozy fire pit centerpiece.


  • Comfortable swivel rocking chairs offer 360-degree rotation and gentle rocking motion
  • Sturdy all-weather wicker over powder-coated steel frames ensures long-lasting use
  • Comprehensive set with luxurious seating and convenient fire pit table enhances outdoor ambiance


  • Assembly may be time-consuming and somewhat complex
  • Large footprint requires ample space on your patio
  • Customer service interactions are necessary if complications arise

Our experience with the Kullavik Outdoor Patio Furniture Set was marked by ultimate comfort met with a touch of luxury. The included swivel rocking chairs are a game-changer; they provided us with the freedom to rotate freely, making casual conversations and getting the perfect angle towards the warming fire pit both effortless and enjoyable. The gentle rocking motion added an element of relaxation that made us want to stay seated for hours.

The allure of the fire pit table took our outdoor gatherings to the next level. With the flame dancing securely behind the glass wind guard, we enjoyed the perfect amount of warmth even on chillier nights, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere without any worry.

Assembling the set proved to be a weekend project that was worth the effort, despite taking us a good few hours. Once constructed, it proved to be a robust addition to our patio, capable of withstanding various weather conditions without showing signs of wear. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship were evident, assuring us that we’d be enjoying this set for many seasons to come.

In summary, while you may need to carve out some time for setup and contact customer service for any guidance, the Kullavik Patio Set is a solid investment for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor living space with style, comfort, and warmth.

VONZOY 6-Piece Patio Set with Fire Pit

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We believe this VONZOY Patio Set is a smart choice for those seeking a blend of comfort and ambiance in their outdoor living spaces.


  • Includes a powerful 50,000 BTU fire pit table that becomes the centerpiece for gatherings
  • Comes with free waterproof cover and fastener clips, enhancing the set’s durability
  • The plush 4-inch thick cushions promote an exceptionally comfortable lounging experience


  • Assembly may be challenging with only picture instructions provided
  • Cushions could be perceived as thinner than expected despite their comfort
  • The package arrives in multiple boxes which might be inconvenient for some

Sipping coffee on the plush cushions of the VONZOY patio set, the immediate feeling of relaxation is undeniable. The softness of the cushioning pairs perfectly with the warming glow from the fire pit table, whether it’s to take the edge off a cool evening or simply to bask in the light ambiance. The set serves as an inviting focal point for conversations and quiet moments alike.

Our recent gatherings have seen friends and family drawn to the fire pit table which has proven to be more than just a beautiful addition; it’s a source of consistent, eco-friendly heat. The colorful glass stones create a delightful fusion of light and warmth that breathes life into every meetup, no matter the season.

The practicality extends beyond leisure with the included waterproof cover that assures the set stays shielded from the elements, prolonging its life and maintaining its aesthetic. We found attaching the fastener clips gave the set extra stability against gusty winds, which means one less worry when the weather turns. Despite facing initial difficulties with assembly, the comfort and utility of this inviting outdoor suite made any effort well worthwhile.

Rattan Star Patio Ensemble

Patio Furniture with Fire Pits

We recently tried out the Rattan Star Patio Ensemble and found it blends style and functionality into a cozy outdoor living feature.


  • Exceptionally comfortable with high resilience sponge in the seat cushions paired with lumbar support pillows.
  • The multifunctional fire pit doubles as a coffee table, providing versatility for all seasons.
  • The set includes no-slip cushions and waterproof covers, ensuring durability against the elements.


  • Setting up this furniture can be time-consuming due to the numerous components and hardware that come in three separate boxes.
  • The blue crystal beads, while aesthetically pleasing, may not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  • Close attention is required during assembly to prevent wear and tear as suggested in the instructions.

After receiving the Rattan Star Patio Ensemble, we were immediately taken with its inviting look and substantial feel. The deep seating of the chairs and sofa envelops you in comfort, and the thick cushions are a dream to sink into. With the added back support from the free lumbar pillows, our outdoor lounging experience has never been more relaxing.

Transitioning from day to night with this set is seamless. The fire pit begins as a perfect spot for your afternoon tea and turns into the heart of our get-togethers when the sun sets. The 50,000 BTU provides ample warmth, and the dancing flames through the blue crystal beads become a captivating focal point.

The protective waterproof covers and anti-slip feature for the cushions are practical additions that put our minds at ease during unpredictable weather. Although assembly was a project on its own, taking a few hours, the effort was worthwhile for the look and functionality we now enjoy. Overall, the Rattan Star Patio Ensemble has significantly enhanced our outdoor space.

Buying Guide

When we are in the market for patio furniture with a fire pit, it is important to consider several key features to ensure we’re making the right purchase.


The materials of both the patio furniture and the fire pit are crucial for durability and maintenance.

  • Metal: Resilient and offers a sleek look, but can rust if not properly coated.
  • Wicker: Provides a classic design but requires protection from harsh weather.
  • Stone: Stone fire pits are long-lasting and natural-looking but may necessitate a larger budget.

Size and Layout

Carefully assess our patio space to decide on the best size for the furniture and the fire pit.

  • Measure the patio area.
  • Consider the optimal seating arrangement.
  • Ensure there’s enough space for safely enjoying the fire pit.

Safety Features

The safety features of a fire pit are paramount to protect us and our property.

Spark ScreenA mesh cover to contain embers.
StabilityCheck for a sturdy base to prevent tipping.
Heat ResistantMaterials should withstand high temperatures.

Design and Compatibility

We want our patio furniture to complement the overall aesthetic of our outdoor space.

  • Choose a design that matches our patio theme.
  • Consider colors that coordinate with our outdoor palette.
  • Look for a style that integrates seamlessly with the rest of our outdoor decor.


We must think about how we’ll use the fire pit and additional features that enhance its functionality.

  • Adjustable flame: To control heat and ambiance.
  • Storage: For propane tanks or wood.
  • Accessories: Like grilling grates for cooking.

By keeping these features in mind, we can select the best patio furniture with a fire pit to suit our specific needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common inquiries to help you make informed decisions about patio furniture with fire pits.

How to arrange patio furniture around a fire pit for optimal space utilization?

When arranging patio furniture around a fire pit, we ensure there’s enough space for comfortable seating while maintaining a safe distance from the fire. We recommend positioning chairs and sofas in a circular layout, allowing for an unobstructed view of the fire pit and easy conversation.

What considerations should be made when choosing a fire pit table set on clearance?

Selecting a fire pit table set on clearance requires us to examine the quality and durability of materials, the dimensions of the furniture to fit our patio space, and the overall aesthetic to complement our outdoor decor. It’s crucial to inspect for any deficiencies that could compromise the set’s safety or longevity.

Which patio set with a fire pit is recommended for smaller spaces?

For smaller spaces, we recommend a compact patio set with a fire pit that features a proportional table and space-saving chairs. Nesting furniture or designs with clean lines and minimalistic styles can maximize our space without sacrificing functionality.

What are the safety precautions for using a fire pit on a wood patio?

Safety is paramount when using a fire pit on a wood patio. We ensure that the fire pit is set on a non-flammable base, inspect for cracks or damage that can lead to sparks, and keep a fire extinguisher within reach. It’s also vital to check local regulations regarding open flames on wooden structures.

What are the advantages of purchasing patio furniture with a fire pit during a sale?

Purchasing patio furniture with a fire pit during a sale allows us to take advantage of reduced prices without compromising quality. Sales often provide the opportunity to acquire higher-end models or add-ons that would typically be above our budget, offering both cost savings and value.

How should I maintain a patio furniture set with a fire pit to prolong its life?

To maintain a patio furniture set, we clean it regularly to prevent rust and debris buildup, cover the furniture when not in use, and store cushions indoors. For the fire pit, we remove ashes after each use, check for blockages in the gas lines if it’s gas-powered, and inspect for any signs of wear and tear.

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