How Much Are Lightsabers at Disney?

Are you a Star Wars fan planning a trip to Disney World? If so, you’ll definitely want to experience the magic of building your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But how much does this incredible experience cost?

The price for building a lightsaber at Disney is $249.99 plus tax. This includes not only the lightsaber itself but also the unique and unforgettable experience of building it in the workshop. The lightsabers available at Savi’s Workshop are of high quality and come with a complimentary carrying case.

It’s important to note that additional parts and customizations can be purchased at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. However, custom lightsabers are not refundable or eligible for discounts.

If you’re wondering whether you can travel with your lightsaber, no worries! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has confirmed that lightsabers are safe to travel with and can be taken in either checked or carry-on luggage. Just be sure to check with your airline for any specific policies regarding lightsabers as carry-on items.

Now that you know the cost and travel regulations for lightsabers at Disney, you can plan your visit to Savi’s Workshop and embark on a truly immersive lightsaber building experience. May the Force be with you!

Making Reservations and Finding Savi’s Workshop

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World and want to experience the magic of building your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, it’s important to make a reservation in advance. This ensures that you won’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. To make a reservation, simply visit Disney’s website and select your preferred date and time slot. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance, giving you plenty of time to secure your spot.

When making a reservation, you’ll need to provide a valid credit card. However, no payment is charged until you arrive at Savi’s Workshop. It’s important to note that if you can’t make it to your reservation, be sure to cancel at least a day in advance to avoid any “no-show” fees. This allows others to have the opportunity to build their own lightsabers.

Once you’ve made your reservation, it’s time to find Savi’s Workshop. Located in Black Spire Outpost at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Savi’s Workshop can be a bit tricky to locate. It is situated between the Droid Depot and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. As you make your way through the park, keep an eye out for signs and ask cast members for directions if needed.

When you arrive at Savi’s Workshop, be sure to check in no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your assigned time and have all members of your party present. It’s important to be on time as canceling a reservation or being late may result in a “no-show” fee. If you don’t have a reservation, you can inquire with the cast members about the standby list, but availability is not guaranteed.

The Lightsaber Building Experience at Savi’s Workshop

When I visited Savi’s Workshop at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World, I was blown away by the lightsaber building experience. It truly felt like stepping into the Star Wars universe. The Gatherers, who guide you through the process, made me feel like a Jedi Knight in training.

One of the highlights of the experience was choosing the theme of my lightsaber hilt. I had four options to choose from: Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense. Each theme represented a different era and design of lightsabers, making it a tough decision.

After selecting the theme, it was time to choose a kyber crystal, which determines the color of the lightsaber blade. I went with a vibrant blue, but there were also options for red, green, and violet. With my theme and crystal chosen, the Gatherers provided me with the necessary parts to assemble my lightsaber, including the hilt, sleeves, emitters, pommel caps, and activation plates.

Assembling the lightsaber was a bit challenging, but the Gatherers were there to assist me every step of the way. Once everyone had finished assembling their lightsabers, they were placed in separate stabilization chambers to forge the blades. It was an incredible moment when Master Yoda’s voice announced the completion of our lightsabers, and we were able to activate them and raise them with pride.


How much do lightsabers cost at Disney?

The cost of building a lightsaber at Disney World is $249.99 plus tax.

Can I make a reservation for Savi’s Workshop?

Yes, reservations for Savi’s Workshop can be made up to 60 days in advance on Disney’s website.

Where is Savi’s Workshop located?

Savi’s Workshop is located in Black Spire Outpost in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, between the Droid Depot and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

What is the lightsaber building experience like?

When you enter Savi’s Workshop, you will be guided by the Gatherers, who will help you customize your lightsaber. You will choose a theme for your hilt and a kyber crystal for the color of your lightsaber blade. The Gatherers will provide the necessary parts for assembly, and once everyone has finished, the lightsabers will be placed in stabilization chambers and forged to their blades. You will then have the opportunity to activate your lightsaber.

Can I take my lightsaber home from Savi’s Workshop?

Yes, each builder receives a saber sheath to protect their lightsaber. Home shipping is also available for an additional cost if you prefer not to carry it around.

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